Vision and Values

Vision and Values

“Planting the Seeds for Success” 

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At Mighty Oaks Academy Trust, we cultivate a nurturing and joyful environment that celebrates everyone’s unique worth, guiding each other to unlock our full potential as we grow together. 

This vision is underpinned by our Trust values, which are: 

  • Respect 
  • Independence  
  • Resilience 
  • Kindness 
  • Honesty 
  • Courage

Our Offers

We have used our vision and values to create a unique offer to our stakeholder groups.


  • A safe, fun and happy environment with positive and nurturing relationships 
  • Excellent teaching that inspires a thirst for knowledge 
  • A commitment to equipping all children with the tools to succeed, no matter what their starting point 
  • Provision of real-life, meaningful experiences in and beyond the school, delivered through first class curriculum 
  • An environment where children’s voices are heard 
  • Recognition, understanding and celebration of children’s individuality. 


  • A commitment to a decision making, well-being committee in every school, which has all staff groups represented 
  • A commitment to providing an effective work-life balance 
  • A commitment to providing quality, relevant professional development including growing leaders and offering further opportunities within the MAT 
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other practitioners across the MAT and wider educational community 


  • A strong partnership based on mutual respect 
  • Parent representation on Local Academy Committees (LACs) to ensure parents are involved in the Governance of the Academy 
  • Effective communication and feedback 
  • Opportunities to become actively involved with your child’s learning journey 
  • Opportunities to develop your own potential within an educational setting 


  • An understanding that school forms the heart of the community 
  • A responsibility to develop children’s understanding of being a member of a community through involvement with local community organisations 
  • A commitment to raising aspirations through involvement with local businesses 
  • A mission to develop children’s pride in their local community environment